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February 12, 2024

Trump International Hotel Waikiki Rebrands as Ka La’i Waikiki Beach

Ka La'i

The former Trump International Hotel Waikiki officially unveiled its new name and affiliation, transitioning to Ka La’i Waikiki Beach under the Hilton LXR Hotels & Resorts brand. This marks a significant shift for the 38-story luxury hotel, located in the heart of Waikiki and overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The rebranding follows the acquisition of the property by Irongate, a New York-based investment firm, in 2023. Under the new ownership, the hotel undergoes a management change, partnering with Hilton’s luxury LXR brand focused on unique and immersive experiences.

What’s Changing:

Name: The most notable change is the new name, Ka La’i, meaning “the edge” or “the path” in Hawaiian. This signifies a fresh start and connection to the local culture.

Management: The hotel transitions to Hilton LXR, known for its high-end service and personalized guest experiences.

Renovations: Plans are in place for a comprehensive renovation scheduled for 2025. The full extent of the renovation are yet to be unveiled, but it is expected to enhance the overall look and feel of the property. Ka La’i hotel units will also be upgraded and modernized.

What’s Staying the Same:

Hotel Structure: The 462 guest rooms and suites remain unchanged, offering spacious accommodations and various resort amenities including a fitness center, spa, on-site restaurants and more.

Staff: Many existing employees are expected to remain with the rebranded hotel, ensuring familiarity and continuity for guests.

Impact on Real Estate:

The requirement for unit renovations as part of the Ka La’i rebrand has led some experts to speculate on potential price impacts. With some owners opting to sell rather than upgrade, an increase in Ka La’i units on the market is taking place, lowering purchase prices. The long-term price impact remains to be seen and will depend on various market forces.

The news of the rebranding has generated significant interest within the hospitality industry and local community. It remains to be seen how the changes will translate into guest experiences and long-term impact on the Waikiki landscape.

Interested in learning more about the impact of the Ka La’i rebranding? Contact Sachi Hawaii for more info:
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