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February 29, 2024

Avalon Group Acquires Former Downtown Honolulu Walmart Property

Avalon Group, a real estate development, consulting, and sales company, has acquired the former Walmart property located at King and Bethel streets in Downtown Honolulu. The property was sold for $38.25 million and includes 87,000 square feet of store space and 454 parking stalls.

This is Avalon Group’s latest acquisition in Downtown Honolulu. The developer is also working on Modea, a 352-unit residential conversion of the Davies Pacific Center.

The prominent location at the corner of King and Bethel Streets positions the property in the heart of Downtown Honolulu, providing easy access to major business districts and government centers. The area is undergoing a renaissance, with new residential projects, restaurants, and retail stores, revitalizing the neighborhood for residents, workers, and visitors.

February 29, 2024

Honolulu Real Estate Guide to Kahala’s Luxury Neighborhood

Hawaii beckons, and for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury living, the prestigious neighborhood of Kahala in Honolulu whispers promises of unparalleled beauty and exclusivity. Perhaps comparable to the esteemed enclave of Beverly Hills, Kahala transcends mere location; it stands as Honolulu’s most recognized neighborhood for luxury living, breathtaking beaches, world-class destinations, and a deep connection to the island’s rich heritage.

Royal Place Kahala Luxury Home
4375 Royal Place in Diamond Head/Kahala | Listed & Sold by Sachi Hawaii for $19,800,000.

Unveiling the Allure of Kahala:

Embrace the Enchantment of Oceanfront Living: Picture waking up to the gentle symphony of waves lapping against the shore and the mesmerizing vista of the Pacific Ocean stretching endlessly before you. Kahala boasts some of the most coveted beachfront properties in all of Hawaii, offering the ultimate in oceanfront living.

Immerse Yourself in Unparalleled Seclusion: While remaining conveniently close to the vibrant pulse of Honolulu, Kahala fosters a sense of tranquility and privacy. Here, amidst lush landscapes and meticulously manicured streets, you’ll find a haven of serenity where exclusivity meets convenience. Micro-neighborhoods within and surrounding Kahala, including Royal Place, Puu Panini, and Black Point, a offer more niche level of exclusivity.

Discover Architectural Gems: Kahala’s architectural landscape is a captivating tapestry, showcasing a diverse range of styles to cater to the most discerning tastes. From modern masterpieces that seamlessly blend into the natural environment to Mediterranean-inspired estates that pay homage to island around the globe, Kahala offers a home that reflects your individuality.

Indulge in a Golfer’s Paradise: Nestled amidst the rolling greens of the famed Waialae Country Club, Kahala is a haven for private membership golf enthusiasts. Tee off on the very course that plays host to the annual Sony Open in Hawaii, and experience the thrill of the game against the backdrop of breathtaking island vistas.

Navigating the Kahala Market:

A haven for discerning buyers, Kahala’s real estate market presents a diverse selection of properties to suit your desires and aspirations. Kahala offers a handful of boutique condominium residences to choose from, or seek the grandeur of a sprawling oceanfront estate; Kahala offers a residence that reflects your unique vision of luxury living.

Price Points: Be prepared to enter the realm of luxury, with single-family home properties generally starting above $2 million, and extending to nearly $30 million for beachfront homes. Condominiums offer much more flexibility, each with their own unique qualities, including the Leasehold property development, Kahala Beach Apartments.

Lot Sizes: Expect to find properties on generous lots, typically ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 square feet with a few exceptions, offering ample space to create your own private sanctuary.

Kahala Neighborhood with Diamond Head in the Distance
Pictured: Kahala Neighborhood with Diamond Head in the Backdrop. A large vacant land parcel is seen, which was sold by Sachi Hawaii in 2021 for $24,000,000.

Beyond Kahala Homes: Embracing the Kahala Lifestyle:

Owning a piece of real estate in Kahala extends far beyond the luxurious confines of your residence. It’s about immersing yourself in an idyllic lifestyle woven from the finest threads of island living:

• Mornings spent basking in the golden glow of sunrise as you stroll along the pristine sands of Kahala Beach, renowned for its calm reef-protected waters and gentle waves.

• Evenings savored indulging in culinary experiences at nearby restaurants, where innovative chefs tantalize your taste buds with fresh local ingredients and unforgettable settings.

• Weekends dedicated to exploring the island’s hidden gems, from the majestic hikes offering panoramic vistas to strolling through boutique shopping experiences.

• Moments cherished teeing off at the esteemed Waialae Country Club or simply relaxing along Kahala beach, surrounded by the symphony of nature.

Unlocking Your Hawaii Dream:

Kahala awaits, ready to transform your dreams of luxury living into reality. Contact us today to explore the exclusive properties available in this extraordinary enclave and embark on your journey towards a life of unparalleled luxury and serenity in the heart of paradise.

(808) 596-8801 | info@sachihawaii.com

February 28, 2024

Renaissance Honolulu Hotel & Spa Unveils Island Luxury

Discerning travelers seeking a sophisticated island escape can rejoice as the highly anticipated Renaissance Honolulu Hotel & Spa officially opens its doors today. Nestled within the vibrant Ala Moana neighborhood, the hotel promises an unparalleled experience for guests seeking a combination of refined comfort and exceptional amenities.

Immerse Yourself in Island Elegance:

The hotel boasts beautifully appointed guest rooms, each designed to be a sanctuary of relaxation. Unwind in the world-class spa, offering a haven of tranquility with rejuvenating treatments and a soothing ambiance. Savor exquisite culinary experiences at diverse dining venues, from the delectable Mara restaurant to the convenient Lamill Coffee shop. Event and meeting spaces cater seamlessly to both business and leisure needs.

A Gateway to Unforgettable Memories:

Beyond the hotel’s luxurious offerings, guests are embraced by an unbeatable location. Immerse yourself in the world-renowned Ala Moana Center, a shopper’s paradise, situated directly beside the hotel. Pristine Waikiki Beach and the scenic Ala Moana Regional Park are just minutes away, offering endless opportunities for relaxation and exploration.

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