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January 17, 2024

Oahu Housing Market Cools in 2023, Rebound Expected in 2024

Oahu’s housing market shifted gears in 2023, with sales falling by more than a quarter compared to the previous year. Rising mortgage rates and limited inventory largely contributed to the slowdown.

Single-family home sales saw a decline of 26.3%, while condos dipped by 28.0%. Despite the drop in transactions, median prices remained relatively stable. Single-family homes held steady above $1 million, though a 5% decrease brought the year-end figure to $1,050,000. Condos witnessed a marginal 0.3% decline, settling at $508,500.

The shift extended beyond just sales volume. Homes and condos spent significantly longer on the market, a stark contrast to the rapid turnover experienced during the peak of the pandemic. This trend was accompanied by a slight dip in the percentage of sellers receiving their original asking price.

While the year presents challenges, it also harbors opportunities for determined buyers and sellers. If mortgage rates stabilize or continue to decrease, as some experts predict, it could unlock market activity for those currently locked out by high housing costs. Additionally, increased inventory, even if modest, could ease competition and offer buyers more breathing room.

It’s important to remember that real estate markets are local, and your specific area might experience different trends than the national picture. It’s crucial to connect with a local agent who can navigate your market’s nuances and guide you towards success. While 2024 might not be the easiest year for real estate, it can still be a fruitful one for those prepared to navigate the waters with skill and patience.

Source: HiCentral

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