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July 20, 2023

Downtown Honolulu Revitalization Efforts

Commercial office spaces continue to suffer effects from the pandemic. Across the mainland and Hawaii, partial or entire office buildings sit empty.

Efforts are being made to revitalize Downtown Honolulu, where commercial office spaces are being converted partially or fully to residential properties. Boutique shops and restaurants are being courted to help revitalize a struggling, once-bustling urban hub.

One example is the Davies Pacific Center, purchased by Avalon Group, which is slated to become a residential condominium. It’s a solution to struggling office spaces, especially in Hawaii, where adding more housing options is always in demand. Driving through downtown, you’ll see other projects wrapping up as well, many residential.

As the pandemic continues to shape the future of work, the conversion of commercial office spaces to residential properties is likely to become more common in Honolulu and other cities across the country.

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