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Global Marketing

For over 24 years, Sachi Braden, President and Principal Broker of Sachi Hawaii, has been helping people with the purchase and sale of luxury real estate in Hawaii. An expert in primary residences, secondary vacation homes, condominiums and property management, Sachi brings her real estate diversity to Sachi Hawaii, where like-minded professionals have gathered to offer comprehensive services to clientele from across the globe.

With unmatched reach to international buyers, Sachi Hawaii’s success is attributed largely to strategic marketing targeted toward the appropriate demographic. Whether you’re selling a penthouse condominium in Kakaako or an oceanfront estate in Diamond Head, Sachi Hawaii knows where and how to reach buyers interested in your property for sale.

Leaders in strategic acquisitions and procurement, Sachi Hawaii’s local connections and international network are vital tools at our clients’ disposal. Our unique experience partnering with developers, architects and engineers has given us the knowledge and experience to assist our clients with finding buyers for otherwise difficult to sell vacant land, homes, condominiums and investment properties which seek a small buyer demographic.

International Exposure

Sachi Hawaii—Pacific Century Properties agents and President, Principal Broker Sachi Braden are known for their ability to target international buyers. Born in Osaka, Japan, Sachi brings her culturally sensitive approach to all facets of life including her extraordinarily successful real estate business. Highlighting the importance of cultural diversity, all of Sachi Hawaii’s agents are multi-lingual. With agents speaking English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, Sachi Hawaii is able to connect with buyers from around the globe on a level the competition cannot match.

Sachi’s extensive experience of over 25 years in luxury real estate has given her the unique opportunity to converse and network with affluential people across the globe. Through her travels, Sachi has gathered a faithful following of wealthy international individuals who continue to show interest in Hawaii real estate. As Sachi Hawaii continues to grow its multi-lingual staff, the number of international contacts continues to grow.

A frequent seminar holder throughout Japan, Sachi and her team often travel across seas to discuss Hawaii real estate with interested buyers. These seminars are aimed at helping prospects from Japan understand how to make the transition from living in Japan to living in Hawaii. Topics include creative financing, logistics, moving and transportation, lifestyle discussion including shopping and dining and available listings. These seminars have consistently generated buyers, but more importantly, long lasting relationships.

Open House Group

Sachi Hawaii has joined Open House Group, Co., LTD, (Open House Group) a publicly-traded powerhouse in the Japanese Real Estate market. With over 30 real estate offices distributed across Tokyo, Open House Group provides a unique advantage for Sachi Hawaii and its clients.

Open House Group is one of the largest and fastest-growing real estate establishments in Japan, larger in size than LIST Sotheby’s Japan and grossing over three billion dollars in revenue for the 2017 fiscal year.

Providing Hawaii real estate seminars in Japan and possessing a large-scale network of buyer potentials looking to purchase Hawaii real estate, our joint venture with Open House group is proving to be our most powerful tool in attracting Japanese buyers to Hawaii—a tool that only Sachi Hawaii has!

Marketing Tools

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Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

The Honolulu Multiple Listing Service provides a searchable database for Hawaii real estate agents. Maximizing the use of this tool, our listings include professional photographs and detailed property information. Having your MLS listing completed properly increases the exposure of your listing. Since many online real estate websites pull information from Honolulu’s MLS database, it’s important that your listing is set up correct from the beginning. Featuring over 5,000 homes available for search, the first stop for local real estate agents assisting their buyers is an MLS-enabled search site.

Print Marketing

Print material is a great way to visually represent the value of your home. When visitors come to our open houses, they leave with a high-quality flyer depicting the best photographs of your home, so they are reminded of its unique nature. Sachi Hawaii regularly generates unique print material for each and every listing.

Magazine Advertisements — Employing a variety of strategically-distributed magazine advertisements across English and Japanese publications, Sachi Hawaii reaches a broad range of buyers from first-time and repeat international visitors to affluent local readers.

Postcards — Postcards are a great way to announce a new listing, a price reduction, or a just-sold property. They are visible to recipients immediately when they receive their mail, and their oversized nature helps grab their attention when coupled with striking photography.

Property Flyers — Our property flyers continually receive comments for their clarity and creativity. Ensuring that our flyers are well made and depict the value of your home are integral parts to generating offers for your home. We offer a variety of property flyers from single-page double-sided, to folded 11×17 flyers. All of our flyers are available in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Direct Mail — For interested buyers, providing them with a timely response is key to keeping them interested in our properties. As such, we are ready with direct mail solutions advertising your property. These direct mail packets often include a copy of our advertisements in magazines and newspapers, our property flyers, as well as a uniquely created multi-page flyer describing your home in detail, the surrounding areas, the value, and more.

Web Marketing

Today’s digital world provides many tools for home shoppers. This is creating a population of highly affluent and savvy shoppers. Grabbing home buyers’ attention on the web is key, as statistically ~80% of current home buyers locate their future property online.

Email Marketing — Over the years, Sachi Hawaii has generated a highly valuable list of previous clients, interested buyers, and top real estate agents. This opt-in list is integral to our online marketing approach. To best utilize this tool and keep the respect of our subscribers, we modestly use this tool to announce open house events, new listings, and price changes, special features, invitation events, & more.

Social Networking —The way human beings communicate has forever been changed. With the introduction of online social groups and social media, people across the globe are spending more time online and less time communicating in person. We target these online readers from Twitter, Facebook, News Blogs and more with our own creative content, designed to engage readers, ultimately driving them to our website and your property listing.

Websites — Alongside Sachi Hawaii’s highly-visited English and Japanese websites, Sachi advertises regularly throughout the internet’s Who’s Who of Luxury real estate websites, local affluent media websites, and more, ensuring your property is exposed to the appropriate buyer market.

Photography and Videography Services

Capturing the true value of a home is always the market of a great real estate photographer. Utilizing professional-grade photography equipment in the hands of a skilled professional, Sachi Hawaii is capable of providing HD video recorded at 60 frames per second, as well as ultra-wide angle photography. The results are stunning, expansive photography and video, representing your property with quality, authenticity, and enticing accuracy.

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