Owners Association Files Lawsuit Against City for New Bill

On Thursday, the Hawaii Vacation Rental Owners Association filed a lawsuit against the city in reponse to Bill 89 over its aggressive vacation rental regulation.

The new legislation states that unlicensed vacation rentals being advertised for rent under 30 days may be liable for fines of up to $10,000 per day.

A statement on HVROA's website states:

These aggressive moves by the DPP and the C&C are infringing on your rights as a property owner. Regardless of your affiliation to any other groups fighting Bill 89 and other Bills that attempt to destroy your property rights, our voice is louder and our ability to fight is stronger when we unite our resources. Of course, you still remain a member of your group and we encourage ALL groups to continue the fight since we all want the same thing.

A temporary restraining order is a key part of the lawsuit, aiming for immediate relief on the enforcement of Bill 89.